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Trailo helps beginners get started on their stock market journey. We provide topnotch products and services that help people invest and get better with their money.

What we offer

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Stockzilla App

A Smart & Convenient way to track and analyze stocks.
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Scalping Out

Workshop on options scalping and other day trading strategies.
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Stocks 101

Financial literacy classroom training for students 16+.


Trading as a Life Skill.

We are Trailo, a team of highly passionate engineers and finance professionals on a mission to change the way people perceive the stock market. We believe there is a better and easier way to participate in the stock market and are excited to simplify it for everyone through our offerings.

Analyzing Stocks made delightfully easy.


Analyzing Stocks made delightfully easy.

Now you can analyze and keep track of stocks on whatever device is most convenient for you.